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Folktown Area

An area with potential!

Folktown is a vibrant area with its own authentic and distinctive character. Comprised of a mix of small traders, residents, pubs, restaurants, churches, youth and arts organisations. An area which is proud of its shared past and shared future.

Folktown is comprised of small independent shops, authentic pubs, some of the city’s best restaurants, beautiful old churches and home to many art studios and galleries of contemporary art. Folk and traditional music is flourishing in the area, attracting people from across the world.

Folktown is one of the oldest areas of Belfast and steeped in rich history and heritage. The Folktown Market in Bank Sq is building on an old tradition of market trading in the area which was once part of Smithfield. Fish, oysters, honey and fruit were being traded here in 19th century by the ‘Fadgies’.

Folktown is home to the first Catholic Church in Belfast, St Mary’s in Chapel Lane which was part funded by the Presbyterian Church, both key contributors on our steering committee.

The traditional folk music heritage in the area is alive and well, attracting visitors from all over the world. A vibrant arts community has also been established, and there is scope for celebrating our cultural diversity through music, dance, storytelling, arts, crafts and cuisine using Bank Sq as a prime festival location.

Folktown also offers great opportunities for developing business, culture and tourism, and already is known for its many independent shops, bars and restaurants.