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Folktown News - March 2014

Expansion of Arts Trail for Folktown

Creating two new public art works for our area. The local community is encouraged to get involved.

King Street Arts in collaboration with Folktown CIC has secured the tender for the Street’s Ahead public art work in Berry Street Link, and in addition, has also secured funding from the Arts Council for a second art work in the area.

Both pieces will be created in partnership with the local community and stakeholders. Your participation and input is vital in creating meaningful and lasting pieces that will expand our arts trail and bring more visitors to our area.

Each art work will have a seperate process, and you are invited to take part in both – and in both the creation of the themes and the consultations. We hope you will get actively involved and share your thoughts and ideas and help the artists create works that we can all enjoy and benefit from.

The new art works will add to the existing arts trail which started with the Tall Man in Castle St in 2010 and currently stretches round King St (Taxi terminal), Marquis St (Madden’s Bar) and Bank Sq (Berry Street Presbyterian Church).


We are looking for local stakeholders to come on board the steering group for the Arts Council’s Re-Imaging Communities art work. The location and time scale for this piece will be decided by the steering group in the coming months.


The workshop for the Berry Street Link piece will be on Saturday 26th April, 10.30am – 1.30pm in the cafe of Berry Street Presbyterian Church. Together with the artist we will create a list of themes from which the final piece will be selected. A maximum of 28 places are available at this workshop.

Consultation for the Berry Street Link art work will start on 24th May with a Community Celebration and exhibition of the themes. It will run for a week and allow for everybody to cast their vote. All events will be held in the Folktown area. Details to be confirmed. Please ring or email as soon as possible if you are interested in taking part in any or all of the above.

Contact: Sophie Rasmussen

sophie@kingstreetarts.com or info@folktownbelfast.com

Phone: 02895 811099


The licence for a permanent weekly market in Bank Square has now been secured by Folktown CIC.

It will commence in March 2015 and will be a major step in changing the use and perception of the area, bringing in substantial footfall. The plans for the Folktown Market was hatched by the local community and steering committee in 2009 and is finally coming to fruition after years of lobbying the City Council and gathering support. The market will be a farmers and artisan market with a focus on local produce and products. More details and market trader application forms will be published in the coming months.

Please check our website 

Why are we doing this…?

Because the benefits of a market for the community and local economy are substantial. It will help bring life into the area and the city, aiding regeneration. It will encourage social interaction between rural and urban communities and across barriers within the city of Belfast, and it will increase community development. It will stimulate local economic development by increasing employment, encouraging consumers to support local businesses.

How to get involved with Folktown CIC

Folktown CIC has a steering committee, which has been operating since 2009. It helps us develop and implement the local regeneration strategy. The steering committee is open to all local stakeholders and we encourage you to get on board. The steering committee meets on a quarterly basis.


Joby Fox, Director, Phone: 07973531655 Email Joby

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