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Local Community Projects


Oct 2015-Oct 2016: Folktown Heritage Celebrations

With support from the Heritage Lottery Fund NI we will be running a number of events, workshops, tours and talks, as well as an oral history project, uncovering and celebrating the many layers of hidden or lesser-known history in the area.

See our current project here!


Sept 2014-June 2015: Re-Imaging Communities, Building Peace Through the Arts, Stage 1

A concept design for a large public artwork has been created by Katharine Lamb as part of this project. We will be seeking funding in 2016 for the production and installation of this artwork. The theme for the artwork was created by local youths from Youth Forum along with the local community and regular visitors to the area. The workshops were run by Lesley Cherry.

Mar-Apr 2013: Identity & Places

Identity & Places a collaboration between Folktown CIC, PLACE and Red Barn Gallery, and working in partnership with the Cities of Memory conference at Queen’s University Belfast. Identity & Places is both a physical and an online platform for discussion, and this is the first series of events to take place in Belfast City Centre. The project is supported through Belfast City Council’s Development Department, through the Culture and Arts Rolling Programme for Innovation.

Identity & Places is a platform for discussion which challenges us to examine who we are and how our identities are interlinked with our surroundings. Through a series of events using art in various forms we are creating a catalyst for discussing topics around identity, that are not always easy to address. Local and international artists and ‘urban activists’ takes us on different journeys, some very personal, from the past to the present, allowing us to shed skin, and possibly come face to face with ourselves in preparation for the future. Others will ignite curiosity and engage us in a discussion about the future possibilities of our city. What kind of city do we want to live in? Can we create a truly equitable space for a multitude of identities? What are the current initiatives taking place towards community-led development and regeneration in our city centre? And where do we, as its citizens, fit into this process?

Identity & Places springs from the work of Danish artist Maj Hasager. This is the first time that her work is brought to Belfast. Her exhibition in Red Barn Gallery, Past Upon Past, is taken from an extensive catalogue of work that was created in Palestine and Israel where she has spent significant time researching since 2007. Past Upon Past deals with ideas and notions of power structures, identity, memory, construction of history, architecture and how these are interlinked and interpreted culturally, spatially and through representation. Her artistic approach is research-based and interdisciplinary, and incorporates text, video and photography. The exhibition opens Thursday 7th March, 7-9pm.

Teaming up with the Cities of Memory conference at Queen’s University, we are presenting Joby Fox’s End of the War show at the Brian Friel Theatre, Thursday 4th April, 8.30pm. There is a Q&A with Joby and SOJO Music & Film after the show. His renownedshow deals with the realities of coming face to face with yourself after a protracted violent conflict. In the meeting between inner, personal conflicts and the wider conflict in society Joby questions his own and our identities. Joby challenges his audience to travel down the road with him to discover who we are behind our conflict-based labels.

Join our conversation at the our first platform for discussion on Saturday 9thMarch, 2-4.30pm. The event starts at Red Barn Gallery and takes us on a tour through relevant sites. PLACE will then host a workshop where we will discuss in depth questions around identity and our environment.

All events are free of charge. We continue the conversation here: #identityplaces – identityplaces.wordpress.com